Craniosacral Bodywork 1 – Mallorca 2014

Craniosacral Therapy

This 30-hour course is structured around the theme of therapeutic stillness. This will be taught as two fifteen hour weekends: 24/25 May and 21/22 June.

The cost of the course is €400 which can be paid in installments.

The venue is the beautiful Mallorcan mountain village of Alaro.

The specific craniosacral techniques covered in this course relate to the organisation of experience in the transverse structures of the body and the softening of these structures. Throughout the course we will search for a movement towards holism – not as an idea but as a shift in perception. This shift allows us to discover the stillness within our own and within our patient’s physical organisation. Out of this stillness the intentions of the healing process can manifest unbounded.

The syllabus will cover:

  • The history and development of craniosacral therapy
  • An exploration of inherent health, breath of life and primary respiration
  • An exploration of the neutral, the relational field and levels of stillness
  • An exploration of the mid-tide, long-tide, and still-points
  • Palpating and perceiving tides and rhythms
  • The transverse diaphragms and their role in organising experience
  • Practitioner and patient resources
  • Working at the cranial dome and the sphenobasilar junction
  • Working at the cranial base and the tentorium
  • Working at the thoracic inlet and the respiratory diaphragm
  • Working at the feet and the pelvis