Craniosacral Therapy – ‘Washing the brain’

Craniosacral Therapy module 2 – Washing the brain

Mallorca, 8, 9, 10, 11 July 2019

Andrew Taylor Still, the founder of osteopathy always reminded his students that the physician’s task “was to remove with gentleness all perceived mechanical obstructions to the free-flowing rivers of life (blood, lymph, and cerebro-spinal fluid). Nature would then do the rest.”

This 24 hour course focuses on the movement of fluids through the body and teaches craniosacral techniques to work with problems of fluid congestion and stagnation such as swelling, headaches, sinusitus, etc.

The seminar will be structured around a specific craniosacral protocol called ‘venous sinus drainage’ – designed to encourage lymphatic drainage, especially from the head. This routine also promotes blood supply and encourages relaxation of the sinus cavities.

The seminar will also look at the reflection between head and pelvis and also explore the connection between fluid stagnation and emotional and mental stagnation.

The syllabus will cover:

The Primary Respiratory System.
Primary Respiration as motion in fluids and tissues.
The Reciprocal Tension Mechanism (RTM).
Perceiving the membranes of the RTM.
Mid-Tide and Cranial Rhythmic Impulse.
Palpating motion at occiput, temporal, parietal and frontal.
Relationship between the sphenoid and occiput.
Cranial bones and the membranes of the RTM.
Venous Sinus Drainage protocol.
Trauma and resources.
Practice of Venous Sinus Drainage and integration.