Teachers, friends, colleagues and influences

Franklyn Sills
With whom I had the good fortune to train in craniosacral therapy

Stanley Keleman
My journey as a therapist started with Stanley Keleman’s books, soon followed by direct work with him in Belgium

Leon Chaitow
Leon was one of my professors at University – a wonderful and generous man who continues to influence my journey

Keren Smedley
Counselor, teacher and author specializing in support for the over 50’s

Deirdre Gough
London bodyworker with impeccable training and experience.

Diamond Light Tantra
Leora Lightwoman, a superb and accessible, real and transformational Tantra Teacher, offering courses and individual and couples work

Thai Massage Institute of Belgrade
The School of Danko Lara Radic, another of the great Thai Massage teachers in Europe

A Myofascial Approach to Thai Massage
This youtube video was cut together from the wonderful pictures taken by Lola Gomez for the book A Myofascial Approach to Thai Massage. These photographs were taken to illustrate the themes discussed in the book; a typical Thai Massage is given with the patient clothed

Marie Tillbert
My brilliant web designer

Exploring Dynamic Stillness