Yoga retreat with Britt Sondergaard In Bornholm, Denmark

I am very happy to have been invited to work with my good friend Britt Sondergaard on a retreat she runs in Bornholm, Denmark.

I will be working in Bornholm for the week of 21 thru 27 July.

During the week I will be offering craniosacral therapy and bodywork sessions. Each treatment will be individual and take of account of specific ailments.

In addition I will offer a massage workshop – teaching a head, neck and shoulder routine suitable for working with friends, family and lovers. This beautiful routine uses a combination of techniques drawn from Traditional Thai Massage and craniosacral therapy and will wake up the healing magic in your hands.

You don’t need any special equipment to learn and you won’t need any special tools to practice. Most of the routine can be given seated – either on the floor or on a chair but you will also explore variations for working with your partner lying down.