Course dates for 2022


2022 Course Dates

Craniosacral therapy course Mallorca


A Myofascial Approach to Thai Massage in Mallorca. 6, 7, 13, 14, 27, 28 November 2021


Thai Massage spinal twist

This forty five hour course will teach a Thai Yoga Massage routine suitable for working with average clients. The course is suitable for professional physical therapists who want to extend their skills as well as complete beginners.


STILLNESS and the Breath of Life. Ermita Sant Honorat, Mallorca. 3, 4, 5 December 2021


This retreat is open to everyone in search of silence. We will explore the craniosacral therapy concept of the Breath of Life through meditation, partner work and  with the land around the hermitage of Sant Honorat

Extract from STILL (inspired by the sound of the land of Mallorca) by Howard Evans

“Each year we built a little more around the tower – dormitories, storerooms for food and wood, meeting rooms – eventually a school. In part we built because some of our people preferred to stay in the stone village, but we also built because we liked to work with stone. It taught us things, things we had never learned from wood or earth. The stone taught silence and stillness to those who lived within it and cunning and resilience to those who lived outside.

Over time, our clan became a tribe and the tribe divided. Some chose to stay in the stone village and some chose to continue the life we had before. Those who stayed in the village learned to work the land without having to move when the seasons changed. They learned to sit together, in silence and stillness. They learned to write, so our stories could be shared beyond the company of the storytellers.

The rest of us became protectors, moving out into the world with our dogs and eagles, constantly working to keep the stone village hidden. We still kept our yurts on the plateau and we still travelled into the mountains with our yaks when the season asked. The stone showed us how to stay in touch with one another through its fine vibrations.

One day, while we were out on our run, we learned a new truth. We learned that, although some of us ran while the others practised stillness, we were really two ends of the same stick. As much as we protected the stone village with our cunning, those in the stone village protected us through their stillness and silence. It was their stillness that hid our yurts as much as our running hid their tower.”

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