Howard is one of the most amazing therapists I have ever met. I have had a number of treatments with him during the last 7 years. Each session immediately helped me solve my issues and ease the pain.

During my training and career as a coach and psychologist, I have met many therapists and experienced many different therapeutic approaches. Howard’s craniosacral therapy is extremely effective. For me, it has resolved physical problems such as hay-fever and back-pain as well as emotional and mental issues such as relationship problems and inner conflict. 

This body oriented treatment seems to work by inducing a change of perspective, revealing a deeper understanding and acceptance, and through a shift of the emotional, physical and mental state for the better. 

I do believe that problems and conflict that we are struggling with are contained/stored in our body. Howard’s craniosacral treatment seems to resolve inner tension and realign and unblock energy on different body levels. It is a very gentle, subtle and sensitive treatment. All you need is to be open minded and trust the process. 

Above all I appreciate Howard as a thoughtful, intelligent and empathetic person who has found his true vocation in healing others. I would consider him as a master of craniosacral treatment.

Yvonne Bader, coach and psychologist, April 2021. Bader coaching


I have received CST treatments from Howard with massive positive effect. The first time I went to see him, I had been having major digestion issues that made it difficult for me to eat pain free. After the session, I went home and ate a big pizza all to myself for the first time in months with no pain. This effect has been lasting for over a year now and my digestion issues are a thing of the past. I recently went back to see Howard to release some pent up emotional issues. The magic and heat of his hands made a safe environment for me to process what I needed to. After the treatment, I was a little shaky and emotional and he assured me that all would be OK, as my body had just released a lot of traumas. And of course it was! He is a warm and caring therapist with natural healing abilities. I have recommended him to many friends and continue to do so.

Sarah Heczko – Therapist, February 2021


Howard has been my go-to ‘cranio guy’ for over 20 years.  From sheer physical (‘incurable’ repetitive strain injury – gone!) to purely emotional states (overwhelming grief and stress after separation), Howard’s work has played a key part in keeping me well. I have sent many friends and, and, as a homeopath, many patients to Howard over the years: wherever the gentle directness of the cranio touch seems indicated (or where someone prefers not to talk about problems). Cranio-sacral therapy is a wordless route to deep healing both physical and emotional, and Howard is a profoundly sensitive, deeply experienced practitioner.  Warmly recommended!

Suse Moebius – Homeopath, London. February 2019


It felt like a huge shift and release occurred and I connected with the rhythm and energy of the spine in a totally new way. I did experience quite an emotional release right after the session and had to sit in the car for a while and just be with it but subsequently I’ve been feeling so much more relaxed, more centred and also much more aware of the spine and it’s energy…what an incredible art craniosacral is – thank you so much for dialoguing so gently with my body to allow the process to happen, your presence and energy allowed me to relax and let go very deeply.

SW – Therapist, London. July 2018


I have known Howard for 20 years. We both studied for our MA at the University of Westminster. Howard’s passion and love for the healing arts was strong then. I believe it has carried him through the years to become the master that he is today. He is a truly gifted body worker, listener and agent of healing. With gentleness, love and presence he creates a crucible of change. He is a true channel for healing to happen.

He truly understands that the body has its own innate ability and wisdom and he provides the sacred space for that to come through.

Mbali Creazzo (Medicine Woman) – June 2013


I am a Danish yoga teacher who has arranged yoga vacations and meditation retreats for the last 8 years. It has become a tradition to combine the intense program of 4 hours daily practice with healing and craniosacral therapy. Though i have been fortunate to meet several healers and bodyworkers on my journey, nothing can be compared to my almost sacred experience with the healing hands of Howard Evans. Howard is without doubt the most genuine and gifted healer i have come across, ever! I can give my very best recommendation and can only look forward to be back for more…

From Britt Sondergaard (Yoga teacher) – June 2013 


Hi…….I have been meaning to write to you for a long time….and here I am….You made me cry…..Not the same day…but some days later…and when I say cry…..I really mean CRY……My son came down here a few days after I was in (location deleted)….and he said that I was like a balloon …full of grief…..

So suddenly the balloon burst…..and I cried for two days…or more…After that I slowly got back to normal….I have got all my hair back….my stomach is getting better….and there is no more anxiety….I do not go around grieving my dead friends anymore…I have accepted that they are not here…but gone for ever…

So thank you for helping me….I believe the old Chinese were right about grief ….as you told me….My children and grandchildren have all been here on holyday….and we had a wonderful time…And I feel fine in every way….I now know where to go for help if there should  be another problem in my life!

From a patient after the first craniosacral treatment – August 2007


I have been meaning to let you know how my session with you stays with me.  Really most profound.  Thank you. This seems to have come along when I am utterly ready to meet it. I feel supported by some profound echo-sense of myself, a fundamentally true sensation and, all the while, conducted by another vast energy.  Taut with expectation, resonant with presence.  This is important for many things going on in my life just now and, hey, it’s a lovely way to be!

From a patient after the first craniosacral treatment – December 2007


I remember deeply relaxing as Howard gently and softly cupped my sacral bones with one hand and my abdomen with the other.  Shortly after that I observed my rib cage softly opening so that there was no barrier between ‘me’,and my sense of the universe beyond my physical body, ie my insides / essence / soul was exposed. Then, from a place deep within myself,  I was at one with the universe and had a Profound KNOWING that “I” am not in the least particle separate from the universal energy or universal consciousness . That ”I'”,  like everything else in the universe is not only ‘connected to’ but is inseparably part of’ the universe.  We are ‘the isness’ or ‘the void’ or whatever other name somebody might use.  I was without a body, be that physical, emotional or mental during that particular experience and though “I” was there because I was able to observe, I was nevertheless not separate.  Which I realise is a misnomer but I do not have the way with words to describe it better.

This belief was not new to me and I’d had similar experiences before but the experience with Howard was particularly and deeply insightful and affirming. It was with utmost difficulty that I returned from that “place” of everything and no thing, where there is ‘no matter’ as I was in blissful harmony where everything truly is, perfect.  I know that is where I shall go when my physical body dies, consequently, I have no fear of death (though I don’t much care for the journey that takes me there!)

From a participant in a craniosacral touch workshop – March 2010