Howard Evans – teacher

Howard Evans teaching Thai Massage

Howard started his teaching career in 1994 when he was invited to teach a sixty-five hour training in Thai Yoga Massage at Morley College in London. He adapted this course for The University of Westminster, where it was offered as an elective module on the University’s graduate programs. He continued to teach at the University of Westminster, School of Integrated Health, from 1996 until 2006

Howard has been in continuous practice since 1992. The techniques he teaches are the ones that work best, with the least risk to the practitioner and the patient. This is of great importance in an industry where far too many careers are cut short through injury. The aim of these courses is not simply to teach massage techniques but to nurture a quality of touch, attention and relationship that is all too often missing in physical therapists.

Howard teaches under the auspices of The School of Therapeutic Bodywork, offering workshops and professional training courses to:

Complete beginners who wish to learn massage simply for the pleasure of practicing on friends and family or who wish to explore massage as a profession;

Massage professionals who wish to expand their repertoire of massage skills and techniques;

Movement teachers working in areas such as dance, yoga, Pilates, fitness or care who wish to enhance their relationship skills and deepen their understanding of holistic practice.

The workshops and professional training courses should meet the continuing professional development (CPD) requirements of accrediting bodies administering such a scheme. If in doubt, please check with them. Successful completion of all courses and workshops earns a certificate of successful completion. If required, a certificate of hours studied will be supplied for CPD purposes.

Howard has given talks and run Master Classes for other schools including Centro Maxime d’Harroche in Barcelona, AFEDECO in Palma de Mallorca and Haber Bodywork in Zagreb. and professional associations including those involved in dance, yoga, Pilates and psychotherapy. To discuss your individual school training requirements, please contact Howard directly by telephone or email.

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